Thursday, May 18, 2006

Scary Kids

Okay, I'm officially a scared parent. I got home last night with our darling, sweet, 18 month old son, Logan. He loves to push the big button to close the garage door, which we ritualistically do (he then sings with the sound of the garage door). He runs into the house and waves at our cat. He climbs on the sofa and sits where Bill and I sit. He grabs the remote, pushes a button, and it just happens to be the right button for the DVD player. The entire system started up and there on the screen is the main menu for the Elmo DVD that's been in the player. I then hear this little voice say, "Ma?". He's looking at me and pointing the remote at the TV because he doesn't know what to do next to make the DVD play. I did what any self-respecting, shell-shocked parent would do. I showed him how to push the button to play the DVD. Happy Logan!

This morning, we get in the car so I can drop him off at my folks' house for the day. He had my keys and was sitting in the passenger seat (they live around the corner in the same neighborhood so I don't really bother with the baby seat for that short trip). I get in the car, and he's got the right key in the ignition and is trying to turn it.

He's progressed overnight from 18 months to 18 years. I'm terrified. What next? Breakfast in bed for Mommy? Creating cold fusion? World peace?

Does every parent have these moments of abject terror when they realize their offspring may be smarter than they?

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