Sunday, July 16, 2006


We all have 'em, so y'all can relate.

Don't get me wrong - I love my mother. Love her to DEATH. Ya know, death... I have to because she's KILLING me!

Let me start with my hair. This is a new haircut for me. It's short - too short apparently. All I could get from her was, "I just don't understand why you would do that to your hair!" You'd think I killed her dog or something!

Ya know what? It's HAIR! It grows back!

However, the more it bugs her the more I want to keep it really short just to piss her off and disappoint her over somthing as ridiculous as my freakin' hair!

One of the big problems here is that my mother reads my blog. My father gets the email when I update and he prints out certain articles for her.

Here's what started this whole thing - I thought it would be funny to post a Top 10 list of reactions to my nearly shaved head as coworkers were commenting on it all day long. One reader demanded a picture, so I obliged and turned some pictures into a post that was an open letter to my mother since she made such a huge deal out of this stupid issue. Hello - can of worms! Next thing you know, she's ripping on every thought I can muster!

I wrote a review of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film and she started in...

"So, you like Johnny Depp? Did you know that he lives in FRANCE and he doesn't pay TAXES in this COUNTRY and he always complains about the US Government?"

- MOM! Turn off Bill O'Reilly for once and think for yourself! It' will be OK, I promise!

Unfortunately, I was so pissed at the time that I was unable to fight back with that retort. Then I started thinking:

  1. Johnny Depp is involved with a French woman and has been for a long time - they even have a kid or 3.
  2. Many actors have dual citizenships.
  3. Does ANYONE agree with our govenrment?

You can SUPPORT our government without agreeing with everything they do.

My mother has some other great theories as well. For instance, she's convinced that Mike Shanahan has a glass eye! Something tells me THAT theory has nothing to do with Bill O'Reilly...

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