Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pterodactyls, Batman, Jesus Christ and Spiderman walk into a bar...

Pterodactyls are among us! Yes, this is true. I walked out to my car this morning and noticed that it had been defaced by the most amazing display of avian high altitude bombings. A streak of shit ran from the roof line, down the window, bisected the door handle and down the entire door to the doorsill. Truly astonishing. The shear volume of the fly-by shitting leads me to believe that either walruses can fly or pterodactyls are not extinct.

Completely unrelated, Frank Miller is penning Batman comics again. Miller is the guy who basically brought comic books back from the dead and reintroduced a considerably more gritty Batman in "The Dark Knight Returns" in 1986. The Bitter One will likely remember I picked up the softcover collection of the 5-issue series back in our days at St. Lawrence. Having not spent much time with my childhood hero for well over a decade "The Dark Knight" was a great reintroduction. In 1996 a limited run, signed leather bound edition was released. Having a bit more disposable income I picked up a copy of that as well. In any event, Miller went on to do Sin City and the comic version of 300 - both of which were turned into visually amazing films. He is back to Batman. Miller is writing "All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder" for DC Comics. This Batman is even more gritty than the one in "The Dark Knight Returns" and I absolutely love it. Unshaven, exhibiting the charm of a sociopath (at least where criminals are concerned), and violent as hell Batman skulks around Gotham City having kidnapped the recently orphaned Dick Grayson and imprisoning him in the batcave telling Dick that if he is hungry he can kill and eat any rats that cross his path. The newly-formed Justice League made up of Wonder Woman, Superman, Plastic Man and the Green Lantern is the object of Batman's derision as a bunch of bumbling boobs who don't use their abilities to their fullest extent. The Justice League don't like Batman because he is a loose cannon giving super heros a bad name. Wonder Woman wants to kill him, Superman disapproves of his methods, Green Lantern just wants to try and reason with him and Plasticman, well, who knows what goes through his mind - he's a flake. It is a lot of fun and if you liked Batman as a kid you might want to track down the back issues.

Further unrelated, in church this past Sunday the hymn being sung was "something, something, Jesus Christ, something, something." Izzy, who turns 4 this Thursday pipes up "Jesus Christ, now that what I'M talking about!" It was all Jeannine and I could do to not burst out laughing. A four year old has no business tacking on "Now that's what I'm talking about" to anything much less Jesus Christ. Sebastian has taken up climbing. Everything. We caught him climbing a door jam in the upstairs bathroom the other morning. He grabbed either side of the door molding with his hands and since he was barefoot he simply "walked" up the door jam. We weren't sure if we should be proud or mad. In the end we laughed, told him that it was pretty impressive but we don't climb stuff in the house.

Welcome to my world. Pterodactyls shitting on my car, precocious proclamations from my daughter and my son imitating Spiderman.

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