Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that other great stuff. This is the first year Logan has any clue about Christmas, and for a change he doesn't seem to be terrified of all things Santa. Our little darling put this hat on himself and bothered to learn Santa says, "Ho, Ho, Ho!". I wish I could put an audio clip of it on here, but being the bad parents Bill and I are, we have not taken much video this Christmas (so far). We're also woefully behind on Christmas Cards, not because we don't love everyone, but out of sheer lack of time. In the interests of showing we do have some Christmas Spirit, here's our darling son mugging for Christmas! Posted by Picasa

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Blogger MGSoden, said:
Greetings. On a whim I decided to stop by and see if anybody had rearranged the furniture around here. Nice to see that someone had. Like Logan, Sebastian and Izzy are no longer blissfully unaware of the implicaitons of Christmas. Sebastian has taken to telling us at every chance he gets "I'd like a conveyor belt, a rock crusher and a belly dumper for Christmas." Yeah, we recently watched a movie about stone yards. His short list of wants (or needs according to him) comes directly from the documentary.

All is well around here. We took a trip to Unon Station yesterday to see the big model train display they have. Kids loved it but didn't understand the purpose of the ropes around the display. Try explaining to a 4-year old that while he may WANT to get closer he can't. We also had fun looking at the trains in the switchyard. The kids are into that stuff. We also committed to taking a train trip sometime soon. Not sure where we are going but we are going...

No worries re. cards. Ours are in production. If you need a symathetic ear re. the time constraints as a result of parenthood, give us a call. We can be our own support group.

Sorry to read of your TSA/FAA issues. They mean well but they do seem to be a bit uncoordinated. I'm impressed that you took the leap to take Logan on an airplane. I don't think we are brave enough...
...on December 16, 2006 7:11 PM  

Blogger purdygirl, said:
After that last plane trip, I'm done if I can help it. It's not worth it, and I only see flying as getting less family-friendly (heck, more like family-hostile) in the future. I'm leaning towards your philosophy - If we can't reasonably drive there, we're not going. I'm more than happy to have folks come see us, though!
...on January 10, 2007 9:58 AM  

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